About us

Jess from UpCraft ClubHi! I'm Jess. I am your contact to sell digital patterns in your shop!

Before working with UpCraft Club, I owned a local fabric and yarn boutique in Des Moines, IA. I met Elizabeth, the founder of UpCraft Club, in the very early stages of the company and was intrigued by her idea to sell digital patterns in stores. As a business owner, my head was swimming with the possibilities (making profit without inventory, access to more coveted designers, never running out of stock...). It seemed like the solution to the racks of unsold patterns I had on my shelves. Soon after, I was one of the first stores to start selling PDF patterns. 

After I announced the very difficult decision to close my shop, Elizabeth asked me if I would like to join her team to help spread the word to other shops, like mine. It seemed a very natural fit!


I would love to tell you more about UpCraft Club & how it can help grow your business. Please contact me with any questions (jessica@upcraftclub.com).