About us

 Hi! I'm Elizabeth. I am your contact to sell digital patterns in your shop!

I'm the founder of UpCraft Club and am excited to tell you how we began selling digital patterns through fabric shops like yours. As a sewing pattern designer (with 8 published designs), I realized that it was difficult to get distribution for my patterns when they were not physically printed. How can a store put them on a shelf if the pattern lives online?? After lots of testing and trying different options, we came up with the system of Digital Pattern Cards that you can now put in your shop for customers!

In 2016, Jessica joined the UpCraft Club team to work directly with shop owners. Before working with UpCraft Club, she owned a local fabric and yarn boutique in Des Moines, IA. We met in the very early stages of the company and Jessica was intrigued by the idea to sell digital patterns in stores. As a business owner, her head was swimming with the possibilities (making profit without inventory, access to more coveted designers, never running out of stock...). It seemed like the solution to the racks of unsold patterns she had on her shelves. Soon after, she was one of the first stores to start selling PDF patterns. 


In late 2015, Jessica announced the very difficult decision to close her shop, and I asked her if she would like to join the team to help spread the word to other shops, like hers. It seemed a very natural fit!

We've been on all sides of the industry from customers (we love to sew!), to designers and shop owners. We want to make the process of selling new and exciting designs easy and fun for both you and your customers. 

I would love to tell you more about UpCraft Club & how it can help grow your business. Please contact me with any questions (elizabeth@upcraftclub.com).