Pattern Certification

What do you find most important when looking for a new pattern? That it includes your preferred measurement standard? That's it's well drafted and easy to put together? How is the fit? We support well-written digital patterns and want to tell the world how great they are! We take an impartial look at patterns and let you see the details included in them. Patterns that have received the certified seal mean they are the most complete patterns available and we stand behind them.

If you purchase a certified pattern from UpCraft Club and are not satisfied with its quality, we will refund your money! Yep, we're that serious about it. 



Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

What criteria will be used in certifying a pattern?

The standards were written with the beginner/advanced beginner sewist in mind and contain a number of criteria that are empirical, not subjective. (This means the pattern either contains each item, or it doesn't.) Here are some of the things we look for: size charts, fabric requirements, thoroughly written instructions with proper terminology and grammar, pattern pieces drafted by computer with necessary notches and pattern markings, as well as customer service contact information found throughout the pattern. Click here to view a sample of the pattern review sheet to see all the criteria that must be met. 

Who certifies the patterns?

A team of intermediate and advanced sewists review each pattern. UpCraft Club has partnered with a team of pattern reviewers including credentialed professional pattern makers so we can also look at the quality of the pattern drafting and grading itself. The standards UpCraft Club has created are intended to help customers be confident about a pattern carrying the certified seal. We stand behind the Certified Patterns sold on the site by offering a full refund if you are not satisfied with your sewing experience using one of these patterns.

How does the guarantee work?

We believe you will love sewing with our collection of certified patterns because they are well written and include all the details needed to make your sewing experience the most enjoyable it can be. If you find a pattern does not meet these standards, just let us know and we'll refund you or your customer's purchase. We believe strongly that quality patterns make sewing a whole lot more fun and want to promote patterns we can stand behind.

Still have questions? Contact us.